• Kino McFarland

5 Free Resources for Isolated Times

It's not quite the apocalyptic scenario some of us horror fans hoped for, but we all know that deep down, we don't really want to live in that world. Deep down, we're empathetic and compassionate human beings who all want the same thing in life. Survival, preferably with our loved ones.


Here are a bunch of resources that I have been using over the years that have come quite in handy the past week or so at Ground Zero, USA.

1. UnFuck Your Habitat

This blog offers checklists among other resources to help you clean your space. Cleanliness and hygiene are at the front of many of our minds. We also can't help others if we don't take care of ourselves. One way to do that is to make sure your habitat is clean. It's also something to do if you're bored to tears.

2. Libby

Many libraries are closing and are less accessible, but we still have ebooks and audiobooks! Just input your library information and away you go.

3. Kanopy

On the same note, there exists Kanopy, which allows you to stream movies through the library as well.

4. PlutoTV

PlutoTV is live TV. They have pretty much everything you are looking for in live TV, including commercials.

5. Nature

Okay, not an online resource. However, getting out in nature and experiencing the natural world will do wonders for your mentality, especially if you are feeling the pressures of anxiety from not knowing what is going to happen in your life. The awesome thing about nature, too, is that there is a lot of room to avoid people. That's one reason I like it so much. Enjoy some of this solitude. Think about how you can use this time to your advantage or how you can use this time to help others in need. Let's come out of this on top.


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