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You Are an Artist: A Review

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I dislike most self-development and self-help stuff. The gurus make a killing on your insecurity and unhappiness. However, the kind of things that allow me to free up my mind, create within some boundaries, and let loose so I can actually enjoy life... Those things I like.

You Are an Artist by Sarah Urist Green is one of those things. Green creates videos on PBS' The Art Assignment YouTube channel and this book is a bit of a companion to that. She takes the reader through the inspirations and stories of art and artists and then tops the lessons off with an assignment. I have only done one so far, the Surface Test, and I really enjoyed myself.

This world that we are currently in is heavy with dark distractions. Finding a bit of peace to do some art that allows you to see the beauty in the world is worth everything. You have to take care of yourself. It is very difficult to help others while you are also suffering.

These may not look like much. They aren't really. They are just rubbings done with oil pastels on regular printer paper. But they are a documentation of where I currently live and how I feel about it.

I look forward to more adventures with this book.


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