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Multimedia Storyteller


Strong ability to edit, very adaptable to change, and skilled in time-management. Values deadlines, organization, and new challenges. Utilizes observance, intuition, and diligence in the workplace. Knowledgeable about horror, film, and literature. Experienced in writing film criticism, blogging, management, and editorial.




Strong skills in editing, research, managing others, time-management, and adaptability.


Software: Final Draft, Microsoft Office applications, and Google Docs.





  • Published in several magazines, websites, and anthologies.

  • Written, directed, and produced five short films that have screened at a variety of film festivals nationally and internationally.

  • Awarded the Full Sail University Advanced Achievement Award upon graduation from the Bachelor of Fine Arts Creative Writing for Entertainment program.

  • Created the website and blog for The Ghouls of the Crypt in order to give the non-profit more clout in the horror industry. Since the website went live, the non-profit has received multiple invitations to advanced film screenings.

  • Created a channel on the Slack chat platform for everyone in the Ghouls of the Crypt organization to communicate after a variety of complaints regarding the lack of communication. There are areas for the group’s various projects in addition to random banter and team-building areas. Within less than a week of the Slack channel being live, there have been over 600 messages between members.

  • Utilized the Ghouls of the Crypt blog for the Scarecrow Video Psychotronic Challenge social media campaign. Managed and scheduled the daily reviews for the month of October in addition to writing a few posts.

Work Experience


Neato Kino, Seattle, Washington 08/2014– present


Responsible for coordinating media projects with clients and crew.

  • Successfully told multiple stories through film and video by putting together crews to entertain audiences all over the world.

  • Created a company by utilizing a variety of media, entertainment, and management skills to tell stories through many media formats.

  • Obtained multiple opportunities for publicity by using social media to network.

FreakShow Deluxe, Los Angeles, California 06/2009– present


Perform sideshow for a variety of audiences, utilizing skills in improvisation and stunt work.

  • Entertained audiences by combining jokes with dangerous stunts to show how amazing the human body can be.

  • Found new venues for performance by networking as an audience member at shows to increase company visibility.

  • Increased fanbase by conducting social media campaigns to boost merchandise and ticket sales.

Marketeering Group, Seattle, Washington 08/2017– 01/2018

Multimedia Coordinator

Coordinated photo and video projects with clients and wrote social media posts for 19 brands.

  • Organized databases of various media professionals by researching local media creators to help create a third-party photo/video department.

  • Increased followers for brands by using social media campaigns to increase brand loyalty.

  • Increased the social media department’s output by creating workflow documents to increase the value of employees’ work.



  • Full Sail University, Winter Park, Master of Fine Arts, Creative Writing

  • Full Sail University, Winter Park, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Creative Writing for Entertainment

  • University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Associate of Applied Science, Electronic Media Technology

  • University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Professional Certificate, Animation