Kino McFarland is a horror writer, film director, and traveling escape artist. Having experienced life through the American mental health system, she loves exploring the psychology of her characters and what it means in relation to their world. For example, in her short story “The Broken One,” the protagonist is seen as the one who needs help, but her tormenters are just as damaged, if not moreso.


Kino writes screenplays and prose. She has produced five of her short screenplays into films, several of which took home awards. “The Beasts of the Earth” won the Seattle 48 Hour Film Horror Project award for Best Sound Design, “Declawed” won 2nd Place at Cine-City: A Community Exposé, and all five have screened across the United States including at Crypticon Seattle and Ax Wound Film Festival.


Her horror journalism has also been published in Living Dead Magazine, HorrorFreakNews.com, HorrorFuel.com, and NightmarishConjurings.com. Her short story, “The Fae’s Revenge,” was also a finalist in the Crypticon 2018 Writing Contest and appears in that year’s anthology of winners.


As a traveling escape artist and sideshow performer, she has toured the country with carnivals and bands alike, such as The Insane Clown Posse. When it looks like she’s spying into your soul with her eyes slightly glazed over, she is just trying to think of how to fit a piece of you into her next work.

Photo by Decayed Pixels

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